Style is personal

YES! 'Style is personal' and what do I mean by that? You might ask. 
Your style is an expression of who you are, and your interests and what you like. Now usually when you have a style or developed your own style, it's your way of speaking to the world. Now, as we know people can form judgements and ideas based on how you look, or how you dress. If you wear all white or all black or maybe you're into the minimal trend. If you wear bright colours, then maybe you have a bubbly personality. These are all just generalisations, what I am saying about style being personal is it's an expression of you as a person, of who you are. There may be many people who will gel with your style and love everything about it. However, you will also find many people who may not be sure or have a different opinion on the matter. It doesn't matter what other people may think because it's you and the way you want to express yourself through the way you dress.

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