Single Tasking?!

Single-tasking seems to be the new multi-tasking. Have you ever been multiple tasking and realised ‘’It’s way too difficult’’! Wouldn’t it just be easier to focus on one task at a time? Well I have compiled a list of single tasking tasks to make your life less complicated and your day more productive.

1. Eat breakfast without any distractions from social media or your phone

2. People watch the world around you, whilst commuting on public transport.

3. Watch a film from beginning to end without any distractions.

4. Listen to your favourite album or mix CD the whole way through.

5. Tune in focus on the listening more than the talking.

6.  Make a note of your ''to do’s'' instead of juggling them all at once.

7. Meditate or start a morning ritual.

8. Devote your tasks to twenty minute slots.

9. Organise your space.

10. Have designated time slots to check social media/phone/e-mails.

If you follow these 10 steps you should see a rise in productivity, increasing your mood throughout the day. You should be able to get more done by simply acting with intention. Have a fab day and I hope it’s filled with more clarity, giving you a calmer outlook on life. 

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