Mask of Magnaminty - Lush Review

Now let’s talk face mask fun… I’m going to review the Mask of Magnaminty which is a face and body mask all in one. This was a recommendation from a friend, it’s meant to help oily/acne prone skin or any breakouts.

This is what the product looks like and it has a minty fragrance, reminds me of mint-choc-chip ice cream. I like that on every Lush product they tell you who made it, this one was made by Jerry so, thankyou Jerry! It also makes me happy to know that are made with natural fresh ingredients, this doesn’t make them 100% natural but still more natural than most other brands. This mask is Self-preserving meaning it doesn’t have to be refrigerated like most other Lush face masks and last longer. The one’s you must keep in the fridge only last three weeks maximum but this one lasts up to 5 months. It’s vegetarian too!

It is a thicker consistency, not runny like other masks.
The texture is clumpy from the evening primrose seeds inside giving it exfoliating properties too.
Fun fact: if you bring back five of these black recycled containers to lush, they will give you a free face mask! Once you’ve massaged this mask on to clean skin you leave it on for 10-15 minutes (I’ve left it on for longer) and then wash off with warm water. I like to wet this once it has completely dried on my face and rub in circular motions as it has exfoliating seeds inside so I like to make use of this.

I’ve been using this product for three weeks it does say to use once a week however I’ve been using it every other day. I’ve noticed a huge difference and my acne has been reduced a lot. It doesn’t necessarily help with oiliness but it works wonders on any dry patches. I would recommend this to anyone who had oily/combination skin like me. It cleanses your skin and leaves it feeling squeaky clean and minty fresh. I LOVE this mask!

Mask of Magnaminty (face and body)

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