Let's be honest (getting 'it' together) - Motivational monday!

Welcome to Motivational Monday! Today I’m going to talk about Getting ''It'' Together. This is going to be part one of my 3 part mini series that I'm calling Getting ''It'' Together. I will be talking about getting back on track with life, basically an adulting series. I was starting to create terrible habits that were causing me to self-sabotage, and not getting the tasks done I needed to do. The moment I realized this was happening, was when I asked myself the question: ‘'Ok, what is most important to me?’’ I got very clear ideas of where I wanted to be, and what I wanted to be working towards. Once I knew what that was, I then took a step back and said ‘’Ok, where is all my time going?’’ That was when the earth shattered for me. That’s when I said to myself ‘’These are all the things I want to harvest out of my life, but this is what I’m doing with the time that I have. I’m wasting it watching TV, I’m wasting it procrastinating online and I’m wasting it on my phone. I’m wasting it doing things, or putting off things that I know I should be doing right now. The little monkey inside my head just wants to have fun, and do the easy option and get the easy way out.’’ I was putting off all of things I knew I should be doing, and then beating myself up for not doing these things. All that fun stuff just kept me in that negative mindset, keeping me going on and on in this forever cycle. I could ramble on about how this all came to be but long story short… If you’re reading this and resonating with anything I just said, then these are the tips and tricks that I’ve been taking to ‘’Get ''it'' together’’…

''Honesty is the best policy''

The first step is to be extremely honest with yourself because it’s not going to do you any good if you’re not. You need to find where your problems lie. Your problems could be that you are feeling uninspired, unhappy, unmotivated … Whatever it is figure it out, what is your issue? What are you feeling? Why are you feeling that way? Be clear on your bad habits like sleeping through your alarm, procrastinating things to the very last day or not eating healthy. No matter what your bad habits are even if it’s in terms of socialising, if your wanting to work on the relationships in your life or you're wanting to grow the amount of people you are around every day. The amount of people that make an influence on you or the amount of people that influence you. If you want to grow and expand your relationships, but you notice you have terrible social habits. Even that is clarifying that, this is where I’m going wrong! This is what my problem is! Like I said a good way to do this is to establish what it is you're trying to work towards for your life, and then take a step back. Evaluate what am I spending my time on? First and foremost, you can’t fix the problem if you don’t find the problem.

Finding Inspiration & your Alter-Ego

Which lead me into step number two, and this is always the best part about getting your life back on track and that getting inspired! Tying that back into the last point I just made, if you have no idea what your drive and focus wants to be towards. If you have no idea what goals you want to set for yourself, or what kind of life you want to be living. Maybe that is why you feel like you’re wasting your time, then look around and find somebody that’s living a life you are envious of.  I’m not saying envious in a bad way because jealousy that’s a whole other topic I could talk about in another post. I just mean who is slaying it at life? Who do you look at and go, ‘’God damn I wish I had that life!’’ or ‘’I wish I was doing those things.’’ It could Beyoncé, it could be your next-door neighbour or it could be living a happy and content life just being married with a family. It could be someone travelling the world, it could be someone in Films or it could be anybody. Find someone whom you say to yourself ‘’that is exactly the life I want to lead’’ or ‘’those are the morals I want to live by.’’ Figure out the life, the morals and personality traits you want to acquire. I wish I was the type of person who … and fill in that blank. Once you’ve come up with this alter ego, whoever’s life it was you were envious of. You could even start from scratch and create your own name, create your own alter ego and say; ‘’this is my alter ego, this version of me is the person who…’’  It’s a no-brainer really I know I’m going to do the things, that make me that person. This sounds ridiculous and far too easy but it does work. 

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