Grilled chicken & veggies - What I ate Wednesday - 08/03/2017

Happy Wednesday guys! Yes it's Wednesday and we all know what that means... It's What I ate Wednesday, Yay! It has become a thing here on the Life of Cat and you all seem to love it too! So every Wednesday will now be a What I Ate Wednesday. That was a lot of Wednesday's!
Ginger & Honey porridge 
So as per usual I had my Ginger & Honey porridge (Click Here for the Recipe) but with a twist instead of just sliced banana I threw some blueberries in there too. Not that exciting but it's my favourite breakfast ever!!! I also gulped loads of water.

Avocado & egg on toast
I know it seems more a breakfast item than lunch but I was craving this combo. I had a slice of wholewheat toast spread with mashed avocado and then a sliced hard boiled egg placed on top. Super basic but super yummy. Yes, I know ''Cat where's your salad?'' We didn't have any in the house, I was being lazy that day and didn't want to go to the shop. I promise I usually eat at least one slad a day. 

Kale crisps
With a load more water I also consumed these awesomely tasting homemade Kale Crisps! I did say ''homemade'' a recipe will be coming soon keep an eye out for foodie friday...  They are so easy to make and taste just like crispy seaweed you get from the chinese shop. Just spray with a little oil and sprinkle with some sea salt, then pop in the oven for 10-15 minutes on a low heat.

Grilled chicken and veg
For din din's I decided to make chicken wrapped in bacon, rubbed with cajun spice and grilled on the foreman grill. To accompany this deliciousness I boiled some broccoli and grilled some red pepper. Whilst the chicken was still hot from the grill I sprinkled on a little cheese and BBQ sauce. This was so yummy and easy! I guzzled more water with this meal too.

Some Amazing Pancakes!!!
Now we don't normally do this down at The Life of Cat but we all fancied a sweet treat. I cooked up a batch of my amazing Healthy Banana & Oat Pancakes, Click Here for the Recipe. A very quick and easy alternative to the full of sugar pancakes you buy from the supermarket. They only take ten minutes maximum to make, cook and clean up after. I promise I did share these with other people, I didn't eat the whole batch myself. Click on the icons down below for all my social media links.So thats all folks, until next time.

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