''Just do it!'' - Motivational monday!

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Getting Inspired

Ways to get inspired are to change things up, change your surroundings. Work with what you have, talk to people around you. What I’m basically saying here is draw a line between your thoughts and your actions with your end sight in mind. That’s going to gain your momentum and get you inspired. 

Reactive or Proactive?

If you’re reading these this and thinking to yourself ‘’yeah, I say I’m going to do all these things but I probably am not.’’ There are 2 types of people in this world, there are reactive people and people who are proactive. You can be the reactive person and sit back, watching your life flash before your eyes, constantly reacting to it. You’re not proactively going after things, you're just letting life happen pretending you have no control over it. Then being reactive and emotional about it, thinking your life is unfair, and then once again thus completes the cycle. Or you can be a proactive person, stop making excuses, start finding the inspiration and going through things. Even if you don’t end up getting exactly what you want, you’re going to end up damn close! To tie that back in, what I’m saying is get inspired and get excited about the things that you want to start changing in your life. 

Setting Rules & Boundaries

Which leads me into, probably one of the most crucial steps in this process, and one we tend to veer of course from. This is the one step we get to and then drop off, it’s called cultivating a plan. You can have all the inspiration and all the motivation in the world but if you have no set plan, rules or guidelines for yourself. You are not going to know what the hell you’re doing or where you’re going! When you put roles and guideline on yourself, you're giving yourself more freedom. I know that sounds contradictory but think of it like this; if you were to take the time to come up with, not only a routine/schedule but also just some hard-fast rules (like; I don’t stay up past midnight) that gives me way more time, way more freedom to use my brain power of other things. So cultivate a plan that’s going to get you back on track for whatever you feel you need back on track for.  Get as detailed about your plan and rules as possible, so that you know exactly what you should be doing every step of the way. Don’t go overboard with this be sure to give yourself that reward for every time you work hard to. Don’t think you can put any time aside for leisure, or any time to just not have a plan but just make sure that it’s part of the plan. Like leaving Sundays free to do exactly what you feel like on that day.

Planning a Schedule & Just Do It!

Lastly, this is the last place we all drop off. I love the planning process, it is my favourite part. If you asked me to plan a schedule from now until the end of me being 90 years old, I would love every single second of it. Then when it came to doing it, that is where my troubles lie. You must now do it.

Stop thinking about it, talking about and just do it! In a lot of ways when we say were motivated about things what were really saying is that we just don’t feel like doing it. Spending all this time thinking about doing it and look for magical mindset that are just going to make us do it, when in all reality if you just do it, it’s done! Normally that will create a domino effect and get the ball rolling for you to the next thing, and so on. Our thought process is what talks us out of doing the things we want to be doing most because we think we’re going to fail, or that it’s going to go wrong. What the point? We’ve become accustomed to not really wanting to work for anything anymore. When we see anything as a huge daunting task our action just goes, hell no I’m not doing that. That seems like it’s going to take way to long. Break it down and make it so that each task and daily do, is going to give you a sense of small gratification and then act on it. This is a quite from a book called Badass – ‘’people who want to change their life’s will find a way, and people who don’t will find an excuse’’ It’s completely up to you, you can find a way to get things back on track or you can find an excuse not to. At the end of the day the only person you are hurting is yourself.

There you have it the most important guidelines into which I’ve felt like I’ve put my life back on track with. For any of you guys who are reading this and feel you’ve been in a bit of a rut or you couldn’t get motivated (especially during these colder months). I’m telling you just try these four steps, even if it’s just for a week and see if it makes any difference on your mindset, motivation and on your life. I will bet you anything it will. I hope you all enjoyed this motivational post and Thank you for reading, leave me a comment if you liked this or feel it had helped in any way.

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