Sleepy - lush review

Lush released this body lotion as part of their Christmas 2016 collection. I recently bought this from my local lush on promotion for half price. I don’t believe they sell this product anymore as it was a Christmas thing, so it must have been old stock. Sleepy is a light lilac coloured lotion that is scented with the Twilight fragrance, which was everywhere at Christmas time. Twilight was a Christmas scent aka Lush’s take on Lavender. Inside you can see the silver lustre that sits on the top layer of the lotion, it doesn’t run all the way through, it’s simply sitting on top. It’s gorgeous! When you sniff this product straight out of the container it is very light in fragrance, not as strong as the Twilight scent but a subtler version. The top ingredients are; oatmeal infusion, almond oil, lavender water and lavender flower. This product is very nourishing as Lavender is renowned for its renewing properties. As well as smelling awesome, I imagine it would be great for sensitive or irritant skin too. Maybe any dry patches that we all get throughout the colder months. 

Once applied to the skin it is light but not too light and you can really feel the oils. The product absorbs quickly and leaves a very soft remanence on the skin. I’ve got to say when applied, the product is very potent you can really smell it lingering. The heat on your body must warm it therefore transmitting the fragrance. It is a self-preserving product along with most products Lush released since Christmas. As well as the ingredients we looked at earlier, it also includes; Jojoba oil, cocoa butter, ylang ylang oil and Tonka absolute. It’s a beautiful set of ingredients and it’s suitable for Vegans as well! Lush are against testing on animals too!

As you can see Sleepy is a glorious and luxurious body lotion. It soaks in within five minutes, is not sticky and doesn’t leave any oily residue. It smells pungent, with a strong scent of lavender but sweet, there isn't a herbal medicinal element at all.  It’s that sweet, soft,  twilight lavender scent we all love and know. It smells so good I could eat but I wouldn’t recommend doing so! As always please let me know what you think and I would love to hear from you. Have a fantastic day whatever you’re doing.

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