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Now the thing about being lonely is that there is an enormous contrast between being lonely and being alone. It is ok to be alone and it is miserable to be lonely. Once you’ve acknowledged that the two are completely different you understand that, because you are alone, it doesn’t mean you are lonely.  I've felt it for myself, we at times have this overwhelming apprehension of being distant from everyone else. To stop this dread, we encircle ourselves with individuals just because we don’t want to be alone and in this way, we wind up surrounding ourselves with terrible friends. Remaining in an awful relationship, keeping yourself around poisonous individuals or individuals you simply don't vibe with. However, you would preferably do that than be here all alone. I’ve done it myself, it's something that everyone has done or will do eventually in their life's and its sort of miserable. One of the best things on the planet is sharing experiences with other people. Sometimes it’s better to be alone than being surrounded by the wrong people. The reason your feeling lonely is because you don't feel associated with these individuals, that you are hanging out with the wrong individuals for the wrong reasons. I would rather spend a considerable measure of time and sit tight for the correct individuals to stroll into my life, rather than investing time with individuals who deplete my vitality and make me feel crummy about myself, since I'm reluctant to be distant from everyone else.

Isolation is essential for self-awareness, for you to develop and be the individual should be. Possibly you should experience a period of isolation for you to get where you're going. To meet better individuals for you and for your life. You must learn to be ok on your own, we must learn to enjoy our own company, it’s so important to do. You must become your own best friend all the time. Always have your own back and best advantages on a basic level. It’s in no way an easy thing to do, it takes time and practise. A huge thing is it takes the right mindset, and once you start to learn to be ok on your own your become invincible.

Obviously, you need individuals around you, I’m not saying should be like ‘’I don’t need anyone screw everybody.’’ That’s not the case but you have to learn to be independent and learn to love yourself. Over the time of being alone you will learn to love your own company. If you can’t love yourself and enjoy yourself for who you are on your own, then how can you expect anyone else to? If you don’t see your own value and see how fun and awesome you are (even just hanging out by yourself) then it will be strangely hard for others to.

The amount you appreciate investing energy in your own life is a huge reflection of your own self esteem. I've experienced it (and I’m not saying I’m alone all the time) the last couple of months. I’ve had some big shifts and change in terms of friendships and such. I've needed to make a stride back to make the most of my own isolation and it hasn't been a simple assignment, its hard I can't disclose to you how vital it was, and still is to my very own advancement and development. I’ve never learned so much about myself or grown so much within myself than I have in the last year. You must find things that make you happy on your own and fight for yourself, being your own best friend. Throw on a face mask, pour yourself a glass of wine/ coffee/tea and throw on your favourite TV show. Take yourself out to the movies, take yourself out for a meal or go out and do things on your own. Throw on your headphones and just vibe out from all of life. See this season of being separated from everyone else or perhaps, confined or not having many individuals to encircle yourself with as a chance to develop inside yourself. Tell yourself there’s hope and people waiting for you further down the road in terms of life you just need to get there.

You are not going to accomplish that floundering in your own self-pity or feeling upset because your alone. You can’t wait around for someone to save you or fix you or make you feel happy and better. You should figure out how to do it all alone, I am such a major adherent to this. If somebody leaves your life, yes it will smash your heart into a million pieces or on the off chance that you lose a companion it will make you feel crummy about yourself. You know and have built that foundation within yourself, you know you’re going to get through this. You've experienced times of isolation and times of being separated from everyone else, so regardless of who walks in and out of your life you've turned out to be invulnerable and unbreakable. It doesn’t mean there isn’t going to be times in your life where people will completely disappoint you, but it does mean you’re going to make it through because you’ve been there before. Just enjoy your own company and your own time.

In case you're experiencing a period where you're perusing this and are feeling lonely, consider this to be a chance to develop and to learn to love yourself, hang out by yourself and enjoy that time alone. It stems from finding a passion, from learning to enjoy yourself, relax and enjoy your own company. Always keep your mind and self, busy. Push yourself to get out there and take classes, go to the gym, start making healthy meals, or get into a book/TV series. Just start doing things that make yourself feel completely fine on your own. Simply begin doing things that make yourself feel totally fine all alone. Time will pass and soon you be encompassed by a room brimming with individuals you worship, and you’re realise you made it through. Regardless of the possibility that you wind up back there you'll continue. You've done it before and know how to be alright on your own, you know how to be independent and that you’ve always got yourself, because it’s one of the most important things to learn. Times of feeling lonely and being by yourself is when you will discover, create and define who you are.

The best advice I can give is to not concentrate on what's missing but rather concentrate on what you have and what you can control. There is no reason you ought to feel you require some individual to give you motivation to get up in the morning. I know what’s it’s like to feel alone and lonely. The best thing it ever taught me, and the best thing I ever learnt, was to quit searching for what you require in other individuals and begin discovering it inside yourself.

I trust this bodes well since I feel like I was just going in circles. If there is anything you would like to add to this topic be sure to comment down below. You always seem to create the best comments and everybody is always so nice and supportive of each other. We can continue this conversation down below if you want to add or share your story or struggle then please do. If you are reading this and feel lonely, you are part of this community, just drop me a comment and I will get back to you. 

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  1. Wow, amazing post!
    "It's better to be alone than with wrong people." Can't agree more.


  2. True words! Some alone time is definitely good for self awareness...plus we should spend time with people that give us positive vibes and seeking validation from anyone should not be encouraged

  3. Such an inspiring post. You are right there is a big difference between lonely and being alone. I don't cope very well being alone - it is something that I felt all through my teenage years and this certainly impacted on my mental health. I hope people can learn from your post.

  4. Amazing article...sometimes everyone needs to be alone, but not lonely.

  5. Enjoy your loneliness and make the most of it, there will be times in life when you wish you had more time just with yourself

  6. Completely agree and can relate as well. Being alone and lonely are completely different things.

  7. I agree 100%. I am at that place where the dynamics with ny friends are changing a bit, and it is kinda of sad to loose somebody, but for the first time ever, I am not feeling lonely, even tho I am alone. I feel like I am growing.