Natural Beauty

As of late I chose to wear less makeup as I usually wear a glitzy look, bunches of eyelashes, heaps of contouring and for the most part loads of stuff everywhere all over. We should all have the capacity to express ourselves in anyways we like. Wearing a lot of makeup was not assuming control over my life per say but it was consuming a considerable measure of time from my day. I felt as though I didn't look prepared unless I had my full glitz face on ready to confront the day.

I sat down and chose to consider why I wear so much makeup constantly. I believe that my mind as I've developed has decided that makeup levels with beauty which breaks even with getting attention and I bloody love attention! The bizarre thing about it is I would always look at individuals that had very inconspicuous subtle makeup and think they were gorgeous and naturally beautiful. I generally expected I was the sort of individual who would only look good if I plastered the makeup onto my face. Now I look back at it and think ‘’that was a senseless thought.’’

Recently someone said to me you have lovely natural lashes it would be nice to be able to see your eyes without all that makeup. This inspired me to embrace my natural beauty by wearing less makeup. I do like many parts of my face and I can appreciate them.

As much as I support going outside into the world and exposing your face, being beautiful and perfect regardless! Here are a few tips that helped me move from full face to scarcely there. Firstly, invest more energy in your brows as they are the focal point of your face. If you can get them looking full but still natural you are prepared to go up against the world! I love fake lashes which also sparked for an insecurity about my eyelashes, so I tinted them and curled them. Another tip that’s boosts my confidence in regards to natural makeup is to use a slight amount of bronzer on the cheeks. I feel it gives me a nice healthy glow and helps me achieve a fresh-looking face. Something that I’ve thought about a lot is other ways to express myself for example I could do something with my hair. There is also a lot you can do with regards to your fashion sense there are so many cool things you can do with your outfit.

I don’t know how much makeup you wear could be a ton could be a bit. Occasionally we all desire to look like these Instagram baddies because they look on fleek but for now I’m going to take away some of that dazzle away and show more of my natural face. I’m feeling good about it! 

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  1. I love your post and how honest it is.. I've too struggled with this idea of wearing less makeup, especially out in the world, not just in my home! I love your tips of what to focus on and your images. As women we do need to embrace our natural beauty and appreciate it, especially in a world where alteration is so common and easy. Thanks for sharing!