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Today I’m going to talk about my 10 favourite things currently on the UK Netflix. There are 6 series and 4 films, one of them is a documentary. I’m going to be talking about why I like them and the kind of vibes that they give me.

Number one is stranger things, this TV show is bleeping amazing! I finished it (binged watched) in roughly less than twenty-four hours. It’s set in 1983 in America, it starts off with four young boys playing a game. Two of them leave and 1 of them whilst driving away (they live in suburban America) gets taken by this crazy animal/monster thing. I’d say it 's sci-fi genre, but its filmed amazingly and all the characters are good. It all develops nicely, they’re your average characters and all unique.

 Dexter, now Dexter is a psychopath and is also a serial killer, but the twist is having a reformed serial killer, meaning that he only kills the ‘’bad guys’’. He works at the Miami forensic police station as a blood splatter analyst. He goes to crime scenes and by judging  the blood he knows how they were killed. Its plot is smart with unexpected twists and turns at every corner. If you don’t like blood, don’t watch it! Each episode is fifty-five minutes long, so it is a commitment. I’ve watched the complete series three times round! 

Gilmore girls. Is the type of show I would describe as having the ''friends'' vibe. It’s set early 2000’s the mum's called Lorelai and works at an Inn, but the whole premise of the show is stuff happens to them and you follow them through it. It’s a relaxed vibe, they’re always drinking coffee and learning valuable life lessons. So, it has that similar central perk kind of feel. It’s a very comfortable show to watch.

 If you live in the UK and you haven’t seen skins, have you been hiding under a rock? It’s about youth, it covers topics of body dysmorphia, divorce, friendships, sexuality, mental illness, anorexia, school and many more. It’s amazing, includes a lot of drug and alcohol use (obviously) It’s entertaining but makes you aware of the topics I have previously stated without making them feel like a lesson. 

The little prince, deviates completely from everything I’ve just mentioned. It is a French book and it has a very Disney-ish vibe. It’s about a young girl who has a very strict mother, she befriends this old man and he tells her all the stories of his youth. He talks about when he met this little prince, who comes from a different world, lives on his own planet and the story unfolds. I don’t want to give it all away. 

Guardians of the galaxy, it’s sci-fi again. To accompany this movie, it has a brilliant soundtrack, the mixture of all the songs together work so well. It has many humorous elements to it and most importantly it’s filmed well. If you like Star Wars this is your kind of film, I’m a Star Wars nerd! I’m not going to tell you the plot as it would spoil it, just go and watch it right now… 

Prison break says it all, it grips you from the very moment you start to watch it. I was obsessed I watched it all through college when I was meant to be revising and they are now making a new season which is coming out soon! The name kind of gives away what it might be about, yes there is a prison break but that’s only in season 1 and 3. There are 4 seasons currently but more on the way. There is more to it that just a prison break.

This also deviates from the trend of this whole list it's Black fish. It is a documentary talking about and examining the impact that captivity has had on the orcas and the killer whales in SeaWorld America. The lies that SeaWorld has told, will make you stunned. Since this documentary was released they’re sales have plummeted so it has had a major impact. 

How to get away with murder, is about law students at Harvard or Yale. The title ‘’How to get away with murder’’ talks about them as law students trying to help their clients, by getting away (literally) with murder. Your client must win no matter if they’ve committed the crime or not. It’s all about loopholes in the law and they get caught up in something bad. Viola Davis and Dean Thomas (from harry potter) star in the show. 

Starsky and Hutch, I know it may seem random. It is a remake of an old film and it stars Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson, the same guys as Zoolander and Night in the Museum. They are 2 cops who are trying to bust Vince Fawn for drugs. It’s funny and light hearted humour, which is on point.

Those were my current top 10 things on Netflix. If you’re stuck on what to watch on Netflix in the UK, pick any of the above and I promise you will enjoy them. I do watch a lot of television, and if it’s not on Netflix anymore by the time I post this then let me know. I have many more recommendations to bring to the table.

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  1. I love Dexter ! One of the best ones out of your list - but just my opinion xx

  2. Thank you for the list! Some of these shows I knew about but not the specifics. This helped me decide what to watch next!

    1. I'm glad please let me know what was your favourite... x

  3. Pretty great list. I love Gilmore Girls. Need to see if we have Guardians here in the States, been meaning to check it out.

    1. Gilmore girls is my fav it's such a chilled out series and I watch whilst drinking coffee, it's a given right? x