My acne story

The problem
Throughout pretty much the entirety of secondary school I had breakout galore. The worst areas were my forehead, between my eyebrows, my chin and another problem area where my cheek bones are. They were the main problem areas, but I would get breakouts over the whole of my face. 
Me back when i really suffered with acne (the only picture i could find). I didn't like to take too many pictures of myself back then I hated the way my acne made me look.

To this day, I still can't quite figure it out, I had a normal healthy diet and I’ve always drunk plenty of water. So, it wasn't like I was just sitting around all day drinking coke and eating loads of fatty foods. I had a good diet and i just didn't know what was wrong with my skin. 

Nothing was helping it just wouldn't clear
I tried all the skincare products I could get my hands on, I would spend so much money on more expensive brands thinking it was going to work, but still it got me nowhere. Looking back now I think what caused the breakout was my hormones. It was throughout secondary school, my teenage years. I was obviously at the age where I was hitting puberty. I just don't think my body could keep up with the hormone levels. Nothing I could buy in high street stores like Boots or Superdrug had the right ingredients to control it.

Professional help
My skin only cleared up when I decided it was time to go to the doctors. He gave me a medicated treatment. This was the first time that anything had ever worked! The first time I put it on my face I awoke the next morning to find the majority of problematic breakouts had cleared overnight. I'd never had a product work that well or that quickly on my skin before. I felt like all my dreams were wrapped up in this tiny little tube. I found that you only needed a little bit of product on whatever problem areas you have, as whatever the doctor can prescribe you is going to be 10x stronger and more effective than anything you can buy over the counter. I think if you are struggling with acne then maybe you should pay a visit to your local GP as he can probably give you the best advice on how to clear it up.
Me now my skin is 100% better and I feel very confident in my skin.
I now have a daily skincare routine to ensure my skin is less prone to any breakouts. The products that I use now are products that work on my already clear skin. I will be doing another blog post on my skincare routine for anyone who may be interested.

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