Early bird catches the worm

I thought I would share some helpful tips and tricks I use to get up ridiculously early in the morning.
A picture I captured nearby where I live, in a local park walking the dog
I am a strangely excited for the crack of dawn kind of person, an early person through and through. It's like they say the early bird catches the worm. Honestly, I love getting up that little bit earlier so I can cram a few more hours into my day. I don't have any children, but I'm sure if that changes in the future, I will try and stuff every second of sleep out of my bedtime, that I can possibly get!

My bedding and all the comfy, cosy pillows to snuggle in. You can never have enough pillow, right?
If you want to wake up that little bit earlier in the morning or maybe you have an important event, flight or must get up for work purposes. Now my first tip just blatantly obvious (to say the least) go to bed early or at least earlier than normal. A decent night's sleep typically consists of 7 to 8 hours and trust me, I would recommend this for any kind of human function well at least in my case. I and my partner tend to be in bed by about 10pm every night and out like a light by half past. This routine works as I feel I've always had just enough sleep to see me through the day without any problems. Add small increments into your alarm if you're not a morning kind of person. If you get up at 8am, start by setting your alarm for 7:35 am just go gradually otherwise you may end up feeling like a zombie. Trust me been there and I have the T-shirt!

When it comes down to having to get out of the covers my advice is 'do whatever you like to do, to make you feel awake'. You could write in a journal, meditate or go for a run. Personally, I like to scroll through all social media sources on my phone or kindle. It's not the most mindful thing to do first thing in the morning, but like I said it works for me.

The top of my bedside table I keep comforting memoirs on here as you can see. I have a money plant, some precious stones and a picture of me and my partner. Along with my glasses so I can see when I wake up.
If you live somewhere cold I suggest keeping warm clothing at your bedside, like a dressing gown or a onesie. An item of warmth is great to minimize any cold time out of the sheets. You can literally roll out of bed, into something warm and cozy and another excuse you can't use to stay in bed. Have the motivation to get up , something to look forward to. A nice old cup of coffee motivates me to kick-start my day.

Both the dolce gusto coffee machine and my onesie are both necessities for me. I use them both on a daily basis they help me to function properly in the morning!
Don't forget to feel a sense of achievement when you get everything done before lunchtime like a pro. I know getting up early isn't for everyone, but I can feel the rewards reaping in when it gets to noon and I'm done for the day. I can put my feet up with a nice cuppa coffee and watch Netflix or go out with my friends. It's well worth it!

Putting my feet up and chilling with one of our cats (bumble). She a very beautiful feline!

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