Ginger Porridge?! - What I ate Wednesday - 22/02/2017

Hello guys, so welcome to my What I ate Wednesday, yes, I know it's not original but I've seen other people do this and I also wanted to jump on to the bandwagon...  So, I’m going to take photos of everything that I consume, people have requested me to do this for so long! Silly old me kept forgetting but I’m finally getting there. So, if you like these then please don't forget to leave a comment down below, maybe I will make these a weekly segment, but we will see ...

Ginger porridge? Yes, you heard me right! It's become a favourite of mine and I discovered it by accident. One day I went to sprinkle cinnamon in my porridge but instead I picked up ginger. Ever since that incident it's been a daily yummy!
I add half a cup of Flahavan's organic jumbo porridge oats, into a small saucepan. I then add 1 whole cup of a milk, my choice is either semi-skimmed or coconut milk. I let it simmer until it becomes a thick and creamy consistency and sprinkle in 2 teaspoons of ground ginger. I then add in a generous squeeze of honey to the mix and stir it well. Once I’ve spooned the porridge into the bowl i chop up a banana and drizzle a little more honey onto the top. Bob's your uncle we have ginger and honey porridge. Please someone tell me I'm not alone on this one, or I have I invented a new thing? No matter which one It's a new found favourite of mine.

Yes, I am a massive coffee lover, some call me the coffee connoisseur. I just take my coffee very seriously It must always be strong and taste smooth. Other coffee lover out there will understand me, I'm sure. Most days I have a coffee between breakfast and lunch., sometimes with breakfast. It all just depends on how I'm feeling.
Throughout my day, I always try to guzzle as much water as possible (the more I drink, the better I feel). It's always important to drink water as it has so many benefits; keeps you hydrated (nothing worse than having a headache), speeds up your digestion, kick-starts your metabolism and helps keeps your skin clear. There are so many more benefits but, they were the few I could think off from the top of my head. I always find two litres is a good target to strive for.

Sorry for the photo It seems to have come out quite dark, but it's better than nothing. It was a really yummy wrap though. It was never intended to be a wrap but I didn't have enough spinach for a salad bowl. You can't have a salad bowl without lashings of baby spinach, right? If you haven't guessed by now I LOVE food!
For lunch, instead of a salad I opted for a wrap, I took a large whole wheat tortilla wrap and added one small can of drained tuna in brine, I then added the very few baby spinach leaves I had left over and a dollop of light mayonnaise. Now I know mayonnaise probably isn't the healthiest option to choose but occasionally, you've just got to walk on the wild side. On the side of my plate I chopped up half an avocado (my favourite food of all time) and plopped on 5 organic cherry tomatoes. They were so sweet they tasted like candy. That was then all washed down with a large glass of water.

This one was just made at home so it doesn't look as fancy as the last coffee photo but It was still good coffee. I always feel like coffee gives me just enough of a boost, to complete the tasks I have left to do in the day. Sometimes it feels like there is not enough hours in the day so, you must try and cram in what you can.
After eating lunch, I fell fast asleep for 6 hours (oops), I had been feeling under the weather. Instead of having another full meal I decided to have a cup of black coffee and a sweet treat of 3 chocolate digestive biscuits. I don't normally do this but today I fancied a change. It was too late to eat a large meal anyway. 

So that’s everything I hope you all enjoyed this, What I ate Wednesday. Let me know if you would like to see this as a weekly post on a Wednesday, in the comments below.

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  1. Easy peasy to always come up with blog posts if you do this! And well done for making your meals more on the healthy side too! Lots of fibre and all. Let us know if you choose to start this as a feature. All the best to you with your blog.

    1. Yes this is becoming a weekly post, it was so much fun to make! Thankyou for the feedback and support. I do try to be healthier in my choices, but with the occasional treat. Have a positive day!

  2. This all sounds delicious! And now I feel the need to go pick up some digestives! The dark chocolate ones are my favorite!

    1. Yes thats so true the are soo yum! Thankyou for your feedback, it's much appreciated. Have a positive day Chloe.