Chronic Back pain - Part One - The Beginning

Chronic back pain is the term doctors diagnose you with when they don't understand or cannot find the cause of the pain. My story starts about 6 weeks ago, when I woke up one morning with a very saw back. I thought, as you would, that I had maybe slept funny and it would subside in a few days. However, the pain seemed to progress quite rapidly.
Pictures have no relevance, I just wanted to add them for the vibes! This is one of my favourite places, in the whole world!
 After 2 weeks of pain it had progressed from my mid back, shooting down to my lower back, down my right side to my hip. Then on from my right hip down my right leg and all the way to my knee cap. The throbbing pain was always there, it would turn into a very sharp shooting pain with any movement. No number of painkillers I could buy over the counter would make the pain subside. I had tried everything from co-codamol, to just standard paracetamol. Nothing would work. I could hardly move about and I was starting to struggle at work.

I finally managed to get a doctor’s appointment after days of trying, I told the doctor what was happening, he examined me and he couldn't see anything wrong with me. He said it could be some sort of nerve damage but the pain would probably go away within 2 weeks. I was told to go home, take some paracetamol and to avoid doing any heavy lifting. He gave me a number to a private physio therapist (which I could not afford) and said if I got worse to ring up and book another appointment. As nice as the doctor was this was no help to me, nothing I didn't already know or hadn't already been doing. I was quite disappointed and I just hoped it would go away like he had said.

I love to take photos if you hadn't already guessed. This place is so calming and tranquil, love it.
Unfortunately, as I’m telling you this story it would seem the pain did not dissipate. It continued to become a more aggressive pain and more symptoms started to appear. My pelvic region kept going numb, and if I needed to urinate it would be without any warning signs, it was like I had to go then otherwise I was going to have an accident (embarrassing). No matter how many times I would ring the doctor’s surgery, I couldn't seem to book an appointment, as there was never any available. The receptionist would tell me to ring the physio therapist the doctor had recommended, even though I told her countless times I couldn't afford it. It seemed to be my only solution. In the end the pain was just too much after a month of experiencing this and becoming completely incontinent, I decided to admit myself into A&E. 

As this post has become very long I will be telling the story in parts. The next part will be about my experience in the hospital. If anybody else has experienced these symptoms or is in a similar situation, please comment or email me. I've never experienced anything quite like this before so it’s a very different experience for me. That’s the end of part one.

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  1. Good blog. Really interesting

    1. Thankyou BROTUBE123 for your feedback, I'm glad you found my story interesting.

  2. Wow, I’m very sorry to hear about what happened to you. Some doctors just say general answers to get out of admitting that they don’t really know what exactly is curing you. So they say something like “chronic back pain” as the diagnosis. And as you say, even getting an appointment is often nearly impossible with some doctors. I feel for you.