Soppy Kitty

Today I want to talk about the love of my life our Cat Disney! So Disney is quite an old man he is about eight or nine years old but he is still very young at heart. He is so playful and sweet and loves cuddles.

He is a very sweet tempered cat and would never scratch you unless he is playing of course. He is very gentle, grateful cat who loves people. 

He just loves to cuddle and i'm a really cuddly person, I need a lot of affection and cuddles so he is perfect. we are a match made in heaven.

Disney is such a mans man he loves men, maybe it's because in our household there are more males than females. No matter how manly you may be nobody can resist the affection of Disney.

Disney's other favourite activities are so be rubbed and groomed, if he could have it his way he would do it all day! It doesn't matter what time of day, where or when if your not rubbing his belly he will roll over and wait for you to do so.

So he loves a good long scratch under his chin but he particularly loves his brush. 

He will rub his face to hard into the brush it looks painful but he seems to love it and gets a kick out of scratching his face against it.

He gets groomed more than any other cat I know. I can spend between an hour to three hours a day just grooming him, he loves it and it's his favourite activity. I think he appreciates it too.

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