Bringing me happiness

Hello world hope you’re having a nice day… Here are some things that make me happy!

Crystals and stones, Yes, I really love crystals! My favourites are amethyst and Rose quartz and I have a few areas dotted around my house to remind me that they are there. Almost every time I go and visit a new place I will find a crystal or a pretty stone to remind me of that time.

Seeing Sunsets and Sunrises, and enjoying them for what they are! I cannot put into the words the amount of happiness it brings me to watch the sun set or rise. Please imagine a orange, pink, purple and bluish hazy sunset … What is better than that?

Spending time with lovely people and having deep meaning conversations about life, our existence, why we are here? About the stars, the universe maybe even about aliens and how everything works in the world. It’s amazing to hang out and share good and positive vibrations with other human beings. It’s Amazing!

Spending time outside with nature and listening to the natural sounds out there. The music and the song that the beautiful birds sing for us. Walking through nature, in the park, spending time in the forest and seeing all these naturally beautiful occurring things we have around us like the greens of the trees and the colourful flowers. Go out into the wilderness now and experience it for yourself, It’s a wonderful experience and extremely peaceful.

Reading books on a rainy day or just listening to the sound of the rain drops on my window. Currently I am reading a book by Philippa Gregory because I love historical romance novels!

Watching inspirational YouTube videos or just funny videos that make me giggle. I’m not sure what would happen in a world where YouTube did not exist. Than your universe for bringing us this amazing and diverse platform for people to create and discover through!

Experiencing adventure and new things such as going new place, festival or different countries. Hanging out with the people you love whilst your there and watching the sun set together, taking lots of picture for the memories. Even going somewhere nearby and walking for hours discovering what is there and being a tourist.

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  1. Wow, nice site. I like the design of your site!

  2. Great post! I love the idea behind it, so positive! It brought a smile to my face!

  3. Shopping, blogging about fashion, food, family are among the things that make me happy. Great job capturing the things that make you happy!