Less Stress

Today I wanted to cover about a more serious topic which is Stress. I believe stress is a major issue that applies to every single person. It’s an issue that gets a lot of people down most of the time and is a common issue. 

Before I jump into the deep end I just want to state that I’m not a psychiatrist or qualified in any way. I’m just going to give you my honest opinion and advice on what helps me to deal with stress. Recently I’ve been become stressed a lot easier than in the past and this frustrates me because I’m not sure where it derives from. We all get stressed about small things but it’s when they all build up that it becomes overwhelming. 

A lot of stress is cause by a reaction to a situation. Nowadays we are bombarded with a lot of pressures of school, work, our appearances and money. What stresses me out is if something arises that wasn’t planned a true depiction of showing us that stress is caused by the way you react to the situation. What I try to do now I’m aware of this is trying not react so fast and abruptly to the situation and taking them in my stride and trusting in yourself knowing you can do it.

If you are stressed and haven’t eaten in a while, you need to eat for your brain to be able to function at its best. Your body feeds off things that have slow release energy such as carbohydrates to be able to regulate emotions and can deal with them rationally. Not eating could cause you to not being to control those emotions without flying of the handle, causing you more stress. Eating a substantial meal will help you work though situations you just need to take a break. Your mind always works best when you have a clear head. Even if it’s only enough time for a coffee it gives you a chance to think rationally about your next decision to complete your day in a less more smoothly and be more mindful about the way you do things.

The best way to make sure you get everything done in your day is to write everything down in a list format, which is usually know as a to do list.  I will either list them in order of priority or in order of what is stressing me out the most so I can tick those tasks of my list first. As you are working your way through the list you’re getting the hardest and most stressful tasks done which will take some weight of the situation even if you don’t complete the list entirely.

There is so much pressure on us as individuals to everything quickly and it’s a lot, but at the end of the day life doesn’t need to be rushed. We all need to remember that we are all human being we don’t have super powers so even if we don’t get everything done that we need to it's fine. If we do the best, we can we can’t be disappointed with ourselves!

Another reason we may be stressed is if someone has a high expectation of us and we may be worried we can’t fulfil that expectation. Worrying that they may think low of us because of this but that’s where communication comes into the mix. It can be the smallest or biggest of situations but if you’re feeling like you can’t do it them communicate with the other person and tell them that, then they won’t have that expectation of you. They are not going to think any less of you if anything they will have more respect for telling them. People aren’t always out to get you! 

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