Watermead Nature Reserve & Country Park

 Watermead Country Park is one of the most beautiful sites I have ever been to inside of Leicestershire. There are paths throughout the entirety of the park providing safe passage amongst the riverbeds, reeds and the nature existing inside the park.

 There park provides opportunity for strolling, running and cycling, and many seats along these trails are perfect spots for guests to sit and appreciate the general peace and calmness.

 I found that Watermead Country Park is an asylum for untamed life. It seems to offer an extensive variety of wetland natural surroundings including broad reedbeds, wet forest, wildflower glades, harsh meadow, vast water and lakes.

 You can witness quite a bit of this untamed life in the Reedbed Nature Reserve which can be found at the north end of the country park. We saw bird hides and even a feeding station, this was a great spot to observe the wildlife present and appreciate the tranquility.

 The wildflower glades inside the parkland draw in an extensive variety of pollinating bugs in the spring and summer months.

 If you're lucky enough can see an assortment of butterflies and moths in the glades around the summer months

 Close by dragonflies and damselflies which can be spotted flying among the reedbeds and over the lakes.

 In the middle of one of many lakes you can see a beautiful sculpture. It can be seen from one side of the lake to the other, quite spectacular!

  A visit to the wild bloom zones in the spring can be remunerated with bluebells, fritillaries, bull eye daisies, cowslips and primroses.

The forests and different territories are perfect for bird watching.

 Of course a trip to the park is not complete without man's best friend. Remember if you're visiting the areas containing wildlife, keep your dog on a lead.

The wetland regions and wildflower knolls are an appealing living space for some types of creepy crawlies.

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