Dinner's of the week!

I thought I would try something a little different and give you an insight on what kind of dinners we have in our household on a weekly basis. Here it goes this is what me and my family had for tea this week...


Fish, Chips & Mushy Peas.

I might have picked the wrong week to do this segment as looking back upon it, it seems quite an indulgent one. On Saturday we did a very British thing and had a fish and chip super with mushy peas. Alot of Brits would go all the way and purchase this from a chippie however we prefer to go home baked style. Super yummy but super naughty!


A roast chicken with veg, roasties & all the trimmings!
Now it doesn't get more british than this, we always have a roast on a sunday as most Brits do. You just can't beat it, another reason I look forward to Sundays! The meat, veg, roasties and all the trimmings with lashings of gravy. Then once you've washed it down with a glass of wine it's time for a mini siesta or a cheesy film on the telly.


Sweet & Sour shredded chicken with veggies.
As were all back to the swing of the weekdays we went for something simple but super yummy! Sweet and sour shredded chicken laced with chunks of pineapple, roasted red pepper and slices of mushroom. Boiled potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower and carrots on the side. Speedy to make and doesn't last long on the plate.


Chicken Fajita Nachos.
One of those quick dishes just throw together the layers, shove it in the oven so the cheese melts. Place the dish in the middle of the table with salad and garlic bread. Then let everyone help themselves to what they want. Don't be afraid to go in for seconds!


A nice yummy mid week roast 
Sometimes you've just got to throw a cheeky weekday roast in the mix. One of my favourite cuts of pork if cooked right, with all the veg and trimmings. Super British yet again.


Steak and Salad.
This is my favourite meat and meal of all time! You just can't beat a nice hot, juicy steak still sizing on the plate. It goes even better with peppercorn sauce but we didnt have any on this occasion. I have mide medium/rare I feel anymore well done and it starts to loose its flavour, I believe this was a Rump steak.


Pizza Night.
Of course the end of the week wouldn't be complete without the carbiest meal ever invested covered in cheese and pepperoni. Yes, you heard me right Pepperoni pizza I love the italians for this invention. Such a good combination but yet so bad for you and calorific! I promise next week we will eat better...

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