Shoreline's & Sunset's

Being British, we don't appear to have much fortune with the weather, it generally rains! When the sun decides to come out, us Brit's capitalize on it! One ounce of sunshine and the flip flops come out! Then we all hope and pray it doesn't choose to favour us with British showers.

A couple of weeks ago it happened, by some marvel the sun begun to sparkle and a blue sky made a proper hello. We being spontaneous Brit’s chose to head to the Shoreline for an evening of Sun, Ocean and Sunsets!

The beautiful weather of course did not remain wonderful and before long we found ourselves seeking shelter under a beach hut canopy, as the heavens open upon us! We didn’t let this dampen our day, we were still determined to take lots of photos and enjoy our evening of spontaneity…

Is it just me or is there nothing more unwinding then looking far out into the ocean, breathing in the sea air? They say it does wonder for your wellbeing, it makes me wonder though is it because it’s relaxing or does sea air have mystical healing properties? Anyway, of topic but doesn’t this just make you want to go to the beach right now?

A day at the seafront is never complete without that selfie! The trick is to make it look like you're stranded on an island amidst the ocean. I guarantee it is as fun as it looks! At this point the sunshine had also disappeared completely from our sight, therefore it is also a very grey looking background. After all this is Britain.

Now if you’re going to spend an evening in front of a British ocean, there is a one tradition you must try… Go grab yourself a bag of chips with lashing of salt and vinegar. Sit on the sand with your legs crossed, watching the sun set! It is breath-taking and photographs never do it justice but it’s one of my favourite things to do in the British summer time!

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