Hometown tourist

Have you ever heard the expression ''being a tourist in your own city''? Well a couple of weeks I decided to do just that and spent the entire day being a tourist in my own town. I was surprised on how much there was to see and do.

In my town we have a castle so I spent numerous hours meandering around it's gardens and taking beautiful pictures.I appreciated each second of it. Here are a couple reasons why you ought to wind up become a tourist in your own city. 

It will enable you to see the delightful and intriguing things and places. That you never could have envisioned existed so near your own home. 

While I was investigating my own town, I urged myself to take pictures as though I was a tourist. I would attempt and take everything in by taking a gander at the excellent landscape then shutting my eyes and simply breathing in the air around me. Attempting to store the pictures in my mind forever.

You will come to realise there are beautiful things that you walk past everyday, but you've never actually acknowledged them! 

It's like they say the ''beauty may be right in front of your eyes, but you will never get to appreciate it unless you acknowledge it''. So go outside right now and just look at all the things you may never have noticed before!

Explore, Learn & Stay Curious! This is one of many new motos I wish to start living by. So join me in becoming a tourist, have more adventure and make memories whilst you still have the chance. That could be solo or in a group, as I like to say memories are the happy moments of life we store in our brains for a rainy day!

You may be so absorbed in your everyday activities that you don't pay attention to all the little details. The little details are the ones not worth missing, as they are usually the best! 

Taking the time to explore your city is like looking back into its past. You will learn new things about the place you live in like the story behind it and the secrets it holds.

You may find the experience refreshing. It can give you a new perspective and outlook on to the city you once did not acknowledge.

Travelling and exploring my own city has made me realise the beauty it holds. It has made me want to share this beauty and history, with everyone I know and all the new people who come to visit.

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  1. Nice style post and beautiful pictures. Your home town is beautiful. You gave me a new way to look around.

  2. What beauty you have right in front of you! People think they have to travel to different states to or countries to be a tourist but you've shown a total new way to be a tourist. Sometimes beauty is right in front of us and we miss it. Thanks foe the tour!

  3. This is such a fun idea, I would love to do this

  4. Very beautiful pictures, your town is amazing, I'd like to visit it one day. And I like the idea of being tourist in your own town and see things with different eyes.

  5. Home tourist it's a great idea. Beautiful photos :)

  6. What a great idea!!
    It's an innovative one though effective. Even I can't think about being a tourist in my own city and explore it so minutely..

  7. Such a wonderful thing to see first thing in the morning! love the photos. :)

  8. You are so right! We only appreciate our own town/country after travelling overseas for a long time. Your post is very well written and your town seems wonderful!

  9. What a fantastic idea. I should do that in my town as well. Lovely photos.

  10. Nice flower pictures, what's you hometown though?

  11. I love flowers alot and am very fascinated with the gardens . I loved your pictures and work . Keep up the good work :)